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TURMEL: Grant Krieger on another off-target quest!
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 11:36 am    Post subject: John Turmel drinks his own piss. Reply with quote

"By the way, he thinks he's shaming me while I think
he's helping spread a message many people will
eventually thank me for. I couldn't ask for a better
plug to bring this natural miraculous healer to
everyone's attention, even if from a demented
lunatic. I'm so not ashamed that I even pee a mug
full and chug it in the DVD put out last year at
http://www.turmelmovie.com so it's not as if I'm not
happy to get the message out."
John "Piss Boy" Turmel
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John Turmel
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 2:40 am    Post subject: TURMEL: Grant Krieger on another off-target quest! Reply with quote

Grant Krieger in Court June 20 / 2006
KanMan journeyman
Date: #1256440 - Sat Jun 10 2006

Grant is in court June 20 / 2006 for the Calgary 420 April
20 (420) / 2006 Meet and Greet event ticket he received.
Grant and I go to see the lawyer on Tuesday morning for
another meeting. I will be a witness for the defense. I have
also gathered a number of written and signed statments for
us as well (lawyer has them).
See complete thread at

April 20 / 2006 Calgary 420 Marijuana Community Meet and
Greet event. Grant Krieger was at the event as a celebrity
guest speaker. Grant was given a $100.00 ticket for
disturbing the peace. Additionally the Calgary Police
Service (CPS) seized all of Grant Krieger's legal medical

Grant gets a disability pension of less then $800.00
Canadian funds per month. Grant needs your financial help
http://Calgary420.ca/kriegerfoundation/donate.html or
contact myself for details on which banks donations will be
accepted at.Keith Fagin (403) 863-2071
Grant Krieger enjoying the Calgary 420 event...
Grant Krieger ticketed by the Calgary Police Service at the
Calgary 420 event
The ticket given to Grant Krieger by the Calgary Police
Edited by KanMan (Sat Jun 10 2006 10:02 AM)

JCT: Let's recall how many times the Crown bemoaned the
danger of Grant Krieger moving to lift the Order staying his
victory and luckily Grant did not. So, a post from the past
to let the narc moles know their betrayals remain etched in
medpot history forever:

TURMEL: Many busted because of Gutless Grant Krieger?
From: John Turmel bc726@FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Date: Thurs, Feb 26 2004 7:33 pm
Groups: alt.fan.john-turmel, can.politics, alt.drugs,

sci.econ, sci.engr, alt.conspiracy, can.legal

JCT: I've been reading a litany of different stories about
people still being charged with marijuana crimes. Two weeks

ago, we were given the official reason why Grant Krieger
isn't moving to fulfill the Crown's greatest fear succinctly
stated twice in their Supreme Court Memorandum:

"as matters now stand s.7(1) has been declared of no force
and effect by the highest court in Alberta. An application
to vacate the order of O'Leary J.A. suspending the
declaration could be brought at any time. If the suspension
order were vacated, then the cultivation of marijuana would
not be an offence in Alberta.

JCT: Legal thinking by the Crown to the core. They say the
highest court in Alberta declared prohibition of no force

and effect, they know the last appeal was rejected by the
Supreme Court of Canada, but they still hold the law is
alive while a lower Alberta judge holds it up! Har har har
Luckily, O'Leary's Order doesn't apply in Ontario where the
highest court of Alberta's opinion always does. Still,
before they bust a whole lot of new people and then have
to drop the charges later like they had to with the 4000
possession stays, I urged that Krieger finish the job and
get the cultivation declared invalid in these posts:
1110-1111 SCC Krieger Victory Cards and Hitzig Losers
1119-1120 Krieger Win goes unclaimed
1121 Whose side is Krieger on?
1135 Krieger SCC Victory with Acton Ruling
1137 Medpot growers tempted by Krieger decision?
1139 Marie Krieger explains why not vacate stay

Once again, the official reason we are given by the Krieger
camp for why they have not sought to vacate the suspension
of the Krieger declaration of invalidity of the prohibition
of cultivation and possession of marijuana under section
7(1) and 4(1) of the CDSA which permits Canadian growers to
continue to be busted under this unconstitutional law is

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 08:22:58 -0700
From: gwk...@telusplanet.net (Marie Krieger)
Subject: Re: Medpot growers tempted by Krieger decision?
To: TUR...@ncf.ca

MK: Grant is scheduled to meet with his lawyer this
Wednesday to answer your original question regarding the
supreme court decision. It would stand to reason that
Grant's case has set precedent for all with a legitamite
illness, to ignore the MMAR permit and fight through the
courts. The trick is to find a bright young lawyer (who is
willing to work through legal aide) and fight for you,
hopefully make a name for himself in the doing, so the
entire process doesn't cost you your life. Otherwise I think

JCT: so Canada's growers and possessors keep getting busted
under the invalid law because we have to wait for

fundraising to pay a lawyer? I know it's a 3-line motion
that points out the appeals are complete and that the
suspension serves no purpose. I offered to pay the first
Like they had to stay 4000 charges because we asked for a
declaration that the possession offence has been invalid
since Terry Parker Day, so too, they'll have to stay charges
Canada-wide because of the Krieger win.
But they have not yet. They'll argue they're waiting for
Krieger to vacate the suspension before they stop their
prosecutions in the courts.
So Marie never sent me a response though she did try to
explain herself in another group where I could not comment:

From: "Marie Krieger" <gwkcrf@t...
Date: Wed Feb 11, 2004 9:07 pm
Subject: Fwd: Whose side is Krieger on?

MK: Grant has finally gotten a response from Adrianno

re: Turmels comments.
and as a refresher ....
Grant can not ask for the order to be vacated, if he does he
runs the probability of the Feds slapping a continuance to
re-open the matter.

JCT: As I pointed out in my post, this is pure bull. But
Iovanelli's a lawyer and Turmel's not. It's been refused at

the Supreme Court of Canada and Adrianno Iovanelli doesn't
know they can't go to the House of Lords in England anymore?
What kind of lawyer is he? Can anyone believe that a real
lawyer said this?
But notice how no one on any public board anywhere has
challenged her statement. Except me. The lawyer says we
can't hit the government's with their greatest fear and
everyone just nods okay? It makes me wonder if online
readership isn't mostly narc moles.

MK: At the time the order was granted to Grant Krieger the
government did not have a source for their Section 56
exemptees. Today they do... although we question the

JCT: This has got nothing to do with staying the charges
against the cultivators charged since the declaration took

And not everybody agrees that finding a new source too late
has brought the invalid law back to life. Sounds like Marie
and Grant are from the Alan Young school of "judges can
bring laws back to life."
Krieger killed cultivation whether he's happy about it or
not just like Parker killed possession who is happy about
it. All charges under the invalid possession law had to be
stayed and so do the charges under the invalid cultivation
law have to be stayed.
The Government has only one person to thank for not having
done the same for the cultivators as they did for possessors
and that person is the supposed hero Grant Krieger. Right at
the end of his story, he chickens out or is exposed.

MK: Hope this answers your questions.... Regards, Marie

JCT: Actually, it's about the most nonsensical piece of
legal bafflegab I've heard in a long time. This government

getting a continuance to stay the latest decision of the
Supreme Court of Canada is right up there with Alan Young's
trying to set aside Pitt's Criminal remedy in Chapnik's
civil court, or Hitzig trying to compel a Federal Health
ministry in Ontario provincial court. So I can understand
why she explained herself in a forum where no one would
challenge her response like I have.
Think not only about the possible hundreds or thousands of
people who should be getting their charges throughout Canada
the moment Grant vacates the stay but also of those people
who are still getting busted today.
Grant Krieger could have been a hero but to everyone who has
been busted for cultivation or possession since Dec. 23,
he'll be thought a gutless wimp, an ignorant dupe, either
way a very sick man, or a lousy narc mole. But Grant Krieger
will be no hero. Even when I get the Krieger declaration
validated in Ontario, he'll be no hero. He'll have to act
fast if he wants to save any face that's left.
Two weeks ago, he may not have realized how many charged
growers and how many newly-charged growers were depending on
him to invalidate the law. But I told him.
So since then, he's responsible for letting another 2 weeks
worth of busts to happen in Canada. I keep reading about
those busts and always think about Krieger's Supreme Court
of Canada win that his lawyer says is too dangerous to
claim. Because Krieger's too chicken to claim the win,
people are still being busted. Even Krieger's now again been
recently busted again. Another defensive fight right up
Adrianno's alley. Nothing to win but another acquittal with
no declaration.
Frankly, Coward, Moron or Mole seem to be the only options
at this point. Sure, sick Coward, sick Moron, or sick Mole
but letting all those people get dragged through the courts
because Grant's been frightened from going on offence is a
lousy way for him to end his previously seemingly heroic
Everyone charged since Dec 23 2003 when Krieger could have
moved to vacate the suspension and proclaim the win has been
busted because of Krieger's inaction. What a joke if he's a
narc mole who can't collect his win because it would get
everyone off the hook. Har har har har. Or if he had not
been such a coward, no one would have been busted anywhere
in Canada for the past 2 months. All such busts are because
of gutless Krieger, narc mole or moron extraordinaire.
I'd written:

JCT: Anyway, something really smells rotten in Alberta and
Krieger better move his buns because I've just started

screaming "narc mole" at him.

JCT: Well, as far as I know, the fear of Government
reopening his win with a continuance that he is relying on

to play the coward is completely bogus. What court did
Adrianno say they'd go to?
So because the excuse is completely bogus, I'll feel safe in
saying that I think it's a greater probability that Grant's
just another narc mole infesting the pro-marijuana movement
along with
- other celebrity narc moles like Alison Myrden, Steven
- with the narc mole lawyers like "Wrong-Court" Young and
"Boner Beagle Burstein,"
- narc mole publisher Marc Emery who suppressed the good
news that exemptees could get exemption extensions while
they were all worried and of Parker's Pitt victory,
- and narc mole political never-elected leader-for-life
Boris though he's one who man just be a duped no-talent
snot-nosed kid.

JCT: Thanks to the Internet, such betrayals were never made
known. Now, it's published and saved in thousands of
computers forever. And wouldn't you know:

Grant Krieger in Court June 20 / 2006
Date: #1256877 - Sun Jun 11 2006
Good luck guys!

We'll be with you guys in spirit in Court...
Knock 'em dead...
Love and a squish, Alison xx

JCT: This the Alison Myrden of the Hitzig group who helped
Alan Young bring the prohibition that Terry Parker had

invalidated back to life. What a nest of narc moles still
losing case after case to help the Crown.

And we're using Krieger's Supreme Court win that he wouldn't
collect on while he lets it go unclaimed. When it wins,
won't he look like the rat to the movement he is.

Is there anyone who can go to Calgary and ask him why he
didn't claim his win? In public? On the spot?

Anyone who has been busted after Krieger didn't kill the
cultivation section but settled for personal exemption for
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