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Coulomb barriers -- Electron vs. Proton
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Mark Fortune
science forum beginner

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 2:40 pm    Post subject: Re: Coulomb barriers -- Electron vs. Proton Reply with quote

Y.Porat wrote:
The Real Chris wrote:

I suppose if the collision energy was high enough you might get a couple of

After all it only an interference pattern.

I went to hospital one day for a tooth extraction and they asked me about my
proton structure theory.

I explained that all matter was made from light (high energy photons in the
gamm energy band) I explained how the photons because of their high energy
bend the space around themselves as in the general theory of relativity
(gravity) so that they did not propagate, thus making a stable object. The
law I worked out meant that the photon trapped by its own energy density so
formed nodes as in the shrodinger equation thus making the proton appear to
have structure with hard lumps inside (quarks) they are in reality just
nodes in this frozen wave such that it fits inside somehow as in an
interference pattern. I made up an equation somehow based on the probation
of light and the gravity equation of the general theory of relativity. The
various constants gravity, e m c and h all got involved.

I then said that collisions between these particles caused the waves they
were made up of to recombine in different ways to form an interference
pattern and this is what high energy reseach was getting.

Some collisions between a photon and a proton causes a decomposition of the
proton so that a phase shift occures causing the proton to dissapear in one
place and re-appear elswhere without touching space between. This is quantum

The doctor then said I was mad and cut out my brain instead.

I'm feeling better now. My funny insect friends must have put a newish one

see my site
your ideas are not very far form mine in pronciple
only that according tome even the photon is done by a more basic
i calles later the Circlon
a particle that moves naturally in a closed circle
see there at the alpha particle description
the idea of the *chain of orbitals*
it is a crucuial step ombining between the circlon and structure of
and if you whant the maker of forces as well!!
it is


the Circlon is described at the appendix
because it is not indispensible to my model
and it is not called there in any name (the name Circlon came only
later )


I too have a similar idea, which involves photons (or perhaps other - as
yet unknown - energy waves) bouncing off the ends (start to finish) of
the universe, and matter being a result of interference patterns of
these energy waves - Perhaps even a single energy wave travelling
backwards and forwards through time and interfering with itself?
Although i've read numerous articles on the subject, this idea came
about shortly after reading Quantum Theory - A very short introduction
by John polinghorne (oxford press 2002), particularly revisiting famous
double slit and single photon experiment.. which led me to wonder if
"physical" matter itself was not just an effect similar to this but on a
different scale. I dont yet have the scientific experience to explain or
test this thoroughly (if at all!), but I am starting university next
year... asuming I get through this years access course and am hoping to
look more into this line of reasoning.
Guess i'll get back to you in 4-5 years Smile
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