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New Solenoid Experiment
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science forum Guru Wannabe

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 11:24 am    Post subject: Re: Nanotechnology is the ultimate cure Reply with quote

In article <1tfrziumomalh.17em118zgwqhg$.dlg@40tude.net>,
Math Freak <MathFreak@FakeAddress.com> wrote:
On Sat, 15 Jul 06 09:46:45 GMT, jmfbahciv@aol.com

In article <6qgzl041mrrt.17ipig70yv5ge$.dlg@40tude.net>,
Math Freak <MathFreak@FakeAddress.com> wrote:
On Fri, 14 Jul 06 12:13:28 GMT, jmfbahciv@aol.com

Iranians doing "viscious acts" against other humans?

Yes. The intention has been announced.

Giving a rapist a good lesson is hardly viscious.

You are still following your usual posting pattern. By the
third post, you start to try to intimidate me with sexual
abuse. You still have not learned that this doesn't work.

"Rapist" is a good analogy for an Israeli individual.
If you have problem with this, it's not my doing.

I have a problem whenever you lie.

And look who's talking.

In addition, your assumptions are wrong. The religion I was
raised in did not exist 2500 years ago.

Oh yes it did, it was called tribalism. Plus, a rapist
may also have a religion but who cares. He's a rapist
first. You're a pro-Israeli first. I mentioned Purim to
show how backward, thugs at best, those people have
been and for how long at that.

Ah, you have to blame some random people who lived
thousands of years ago for your shortcoming. That
will not fix anything.

Your pro-Israeliness is not fixable honey, and your
pro-Israeliness was the subject,

No, it wasn't. It is you who keeps bringing this one

It's because that's what has always been in your way to
get to become a better person. Really! Nobody is joking

I know nobody is joking and I am taking your attitude very

not my "shortcomings".
Life offered thousands of ways to a specimen like you
to prevent yourself from becoming one and ... . Grow

I am grown up. You and your ilk keep telling me
that you intend to murder me and mine and destroy our
way of living. Any talk or action to defend myself is
belitteled as being immature and, for some bizarre reason,
pro-Israeli. Your thinking is illogical and has absolutely
no basis in reality.

That's because you don't trust me. I am not telling you
lies. You're a pro-Israeli, and thus conducting a foul
irresponsible sinful life in the eyes of every decent
person in the world. Your problems are your own
creations! Go Islam.

You classify every person, who is not going to voluntarily be
your slave, as pro-Israeli. This includes Jews, Christians,
other Muslims, Hindu, Chinese to identify a few groups.

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