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"What to make with an Atom Smasher"
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PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2006 5:18 am    Post subject: "What to make with an Atom Smasher" Reply with quote

I've had the dream of wanting to build this myself but the resources
and man power astound me so I made it my effort to think as far as I
could about how this would affectual create other creations if marketed

The "International Linear Collider" is going to making some changes
and I have some changes I would like them to make as well. The Atom
Smashers potential for arranging and rearranging matter is full of
possible applications

Atom Smashers Potential:
Can take apart matter and if you made it so, turn it into another type
of matter.
By taking apart the matter and then deciding what to make with it and
then turning it into that thing you decided.

Computer Software: Virtual Matter Domain;
A working simulator of our universe could be created for AI's and
instead of just being color-coded could be feed with actual matter.
Stuff in the computer could be scaled to the matter in the universe.
A world where you could see an AI move and communicate with it in a
real like or fictitious world of designed intention. Societies could
be shaped to interact to see how changes in our world could and
sometimes will affect us. AI's could study and give solutions to us
on our intended solutions to real world problems and grandiose ideas
that will affect us if acted on.
The computer right now is in the middle of the collider machine and
needs to be fed the matter directly to be analyzed copied stored
duplicate sent through LAN lines and wirelessly. It could supply far
away spaceships with fuel when they run out or supply the satellite in
the sky with building materials to beam down on a location on earth or
in the simulated world of earth.

Waste Removal:
Using landfills and turning them into matter converters that make
building materials.
Shovel onto a conveyor belt, drop into Atom Smasher, decide on
computers compilation of matter, Atom compile matter, warehouse
materials, ship product.
This is also a way to recycle the contaminant waste of the world all
into one fluid scientific system.

Manufacturing Materials Suppliers:
Create a field for using synthetic materials.
A new ticker on the stock market would have to designate the desire of
synthetic materials costing less than or more than raw earth elements
that have never been smashed.
The cost of materials would go down on such items as Spaceships and
This would need to study market needs and building and product design
objective to keep an avid method going

Design to Suit:
3-D design programs could be used to design the build using computer
controlled matter shifters.
It would taking the human factor out of building and would make
economical sense for construction that are out of whack (like the tower
of Babel).
It would be like designing a CNC machine with out arms, using lasers to
move objects and x-rays to convey matter.

Simulated Dimensions:
Having access to matter inside computers would allow us to enlarge
visuals of small dimensions and the material descriptions and simulate
them and study them with the help of AI's. We could even study the
universe closer because we will have a simulation of all the material
in the universe and if we can keep it up dated the movements of the
universe and activity of planets.

Possible Products:
Teleporter, Construction Emulator, Product emulator for homes.
It would take design with this new existing technology.
This is my research. I've had this idea for an Atom Smasher for 8
years now. It was only made possible by the modification I saw
possible in the Atom Smasher design and the desire to invent something
that would rid our world of garbage but not waste it, it is waste
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