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TURMEL: Piss-possessed Bill Ryan apologist for usury
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John Turmel
science forum Guru

Joined: 07 May 2005
Posts: 424

PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2006 12:46 pm    Post subject: TURMEL: Piss-possessed Bill Ryan apologist for usury Reply with quote

JCT: Several years ago, I bested pseudo-socred Bill Ryan in
our economic debates. Of course, he's pretending that
interest on money is as fertile as interest on cows.
Interest on cows is payable. Interest on money is not and
causes the death-gamble mort-gage. Nevertheless I have
posted our debates at

In them, I repeatedly make him back down from my bets. He
shoots of his low-tech mouth, I bet he's wrong, and he runs
away to another claim. We've seen him chicken out in his
debates http://yahoogroups.com/group/ijccr with Marc Gauvin
though at it's not as obvious he's the loser because Marc
doesn't make him back down from a bet but keeps treating him
gently like one would a demented child that needs to be
corrected. Spare the rod....

Ryan is our apologist for usury, repeating that banks do not
have the undue power I claim they do though never offering
any analysis to take my bets. He's since followed me to the
islamic IBG_Malaysia group with is pro-interest statements.
So I now have to point out to them how he has repeatedly
been shown up as a lowly-educated fraud.

For years, he kept insisting I wasn't educated an engineer.
Then when I published my diploma, he insisted I publish my
grades. I'd wonder what kind of education Ryan has. He
didn't even know the difference between an exponential
equation y=2^x and a quadratic equation y=x^2. Har har har
har. Still, it's very alarming to think that so few people
can see through a guy with such a weak education. Anyway, he
was so beaten in our technical debates on usury that now
he's only left with juvenile name-calling in response to my

Subject: [ijccr] Digest Number 1375
From: "William B. Ryan" w_b_ryan@yahoo.com
Date: Fri May 19, 2006 9:24am(PDT)=20
Subject: Re: Har har har har and one more HAR!

"JCT: And Ryan chanting 'Turmel drinks his own piss'
doesn't count as technical rebuttal. Har har har har."

WBR: Oh, but it does. It goes to the state of your mind

JCT: Ryan would try to prove Einstein's analysis of E=M*c^2
dependent on his state of mind so he tries to prove my
equations wrong by attacking my state of mind. Har har har.
And to think this gets saved for posterity. What theater.

WBR: and lack of fundamental common sense and decorum.

JCT: Excuse me but you are the only person who brought a
health issue into the analysis of banking systems
engineering when you could not cope with my expertise.

WBR: It alerts people to be wary of wasting their time in
paying attention to you, which I have the right to do.

JCT: Would you have alerted people against against
Einstein's equation had he used miracle water too? Is the
validity of an equation dependent on the state of mind that
came up with it? Is it only me or is this really really
silly? Is Ryan coming off as the lunatic (in banking systems
engineering) I've always claimed he is?

WBR: It is perfectly proper, if this were a court of law, to
offer "rebuttal" to the credibility of any witness, and
present evidence to the Judge and Jury that he is in fact a
fool not to be taken seriously.

JCT: If you can't attack the engineering, attack the person,
is proper in a court of law? Talk about non-related.

WBR: But, regardless, I am not bound by the technicalities
of the Rules of Procedure in a public forum when I express
my opinion in a manner guaranteed to me by the First
Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Unlike
you, I am an American, and proud of it, and thankful to God
that I was born one.

JCT: I thought you were an old-time Alberta Socred and now
you tell us you're an American failure. You have the perfect
right to shout "Turmel's Miracle equation is wrong because
he drinks piss," all you want. People who accept that kind
of reasoning should be up front about it. The only thing I
objected to was interfering with the global Google search
since your responses covered up the message titles. I've
stated I'm proud to bring the message of kidney milk to the
world and I often laugh about how you are helping make sure
I will get credit for its revelation at some point. The
Csomor brothers are getting more DVD sales. They been
enthused enough to plan a European Tour in July of
screenings of the DVD. I'd thank you if it didn't interfere
with the global Google search.

WBR: So, you are hereby informed that I am not in the least
intimidated by your threat to "report" me to the
Mounties, or the administrative authorities at my
email server, you a*****le.

JCT: I've called your reasoning lunatic, demented, but I've
never commented on personal interests. It's google's loss
that their customers have to turn to some other USENET
search engine because of your juvenile antics. Sure it's
interfering with my communications, and while America might
grant you the freedom to have yours safe, I'm sure it
doesn't grant you the freedom to hurt others. And admit it,
you want to hurt me because I've always embarrassed you into
backing down in public. You make some asinine statement and
Marc corrects you, then you move on to another, and another.
I'd stop and bet you, then go back and list all the bets you
backed down from. Marc's too much of a gentlemen to rub your
nose in it. I revel in seeing you back down and then turn to
demented name-calling.

WBR: You may be assured that the automated "bot" that I
have put into place will continue to append RELENTLESSLY the
standard public warning notice to each of your numerous
USENET spams. Amen. (Actually, you've now motivated me to
add the preceding sentences to the standard warning. You'll
begin to see the amended version appearing soon.)

JCT: And you can bet I'll keep explaining your dementia to
various groups explaining your rebuttal as a consequence of
being challenged on your technical credentials and laughed
out of the debate. Sure, you may impress a few, not many,
but it won't last as your warped thinking becomes obvious to
readers. Har har har.

WBR: And it not mere accusation, but something you brag
about, and have bragged about in hundreds of intrusive and
obnoxious postings to dozens of lists devoted to other

JCT: That's an out-and-out lie. The moderators would be on
my back if I ever posted on lists devoted to other subjects.
And if you have to resort to lies, I guess you can't have
much truth to offer. And an easily disproven lie.

WBR: bothering people who are not the least bit interested
in either you or your crank theories on pot, piss or money.

JCT: Crank theory on money? So "crank" you could never bet
that you had found a flaw. Come on, Bill, it's not right
that you keep backing down from my bets on my analysis for
all these years and still claim you have proven it a "crank"
analysis. You haven't. You failed against me. You failed
against Marc Gauvin. You're a cheap cowardly fraud who can't
fight, who can only cast aspersions from afar, and then
claim you successfully proved it "crank" when in fact, you
repeated backed down. You're quite a mentally corrupt
individual but if the world had no lunatics to make us
laugh, or cry, life would be boring.

WBR: For the record, I attach a "trailer" from the video you
push (in wmv format that may be opened with either
RealPlayer or Windows Media Player and similar programs)
showing you doing just that (skip to the last segment of the

JCT: You brought piss into the banking systems engineering
discussions. I didn't. Do you think I used shock therapy
with miracle water in the movie and I'd be ashamed. I'm
trying to get the message out, especially to the poor.
You're helping, while hurting, but at least your sickness
comes through loud and clear.

So you go right on and keep trying to explain to the Islamic
financial groups how you think we can all pay off 11 when we
all only borrowed 10. Bet you can't fool them. Especially
after they read about your pissy rebuttals on other groups.
Har har har har. All great epics need villains and only a
complete nutter would be an apologist for the usury mort-
gage death-gamble.
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science forum Guru Wannabe

Joined: 01 Jan 2006
Posts: 134

PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2006 1:03 pm    Post subject: John Turmel drinks his own piss. Reply with quote

"By the way, he thinks he's shaming me while I think
he's helping spread a message many people will
eventually thank me for. I couldn't ask for a better
plug to bring this natural miraculous healer to
everyone's attention, even if from a demented
lunatic. I'm so not ashamed that I even pee a mug
full and chug it in the DVD put out last year at
http://www.turmelmovie.com so it's not as if I'm not
happy to get the message out."
John "Piss Boy" Turmel
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