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TURMEL: Bilderberg Reports miss 22-year protest
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John Turmel
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 8:36 pm    Post subject: TURMEL: Bilderberg Reports miss 22-year protest Reply with quote

JCT: So what did interest the media covering the cabal of
ruling marionettes:

Ottawa Citizen June 11 2006 Page A6
www.prisonplanet.com Alex Jones

'We know you are evil...'
Bilderberg critics have a message and a megaphone
By Shannon Proudfoot

SP: Members of the Bilderberg Group hit the links at the
Marshes Golf Course in Kanata yesterday, wile protesters
gathered to loudly express their distrust of the secretive
gatherings of international power brokers.

About 20 people assembled on the sidewalk in front of the
Brookstreet Resort, where the conference of political and
business leaders is meeting this weekend. Many of the
protesters were drawn there by the presence of controversial
U.S. filmmaker Alex Jones, who is currently working on a
documentary about the Bilderberg Group.

"We know you are evil, we know you are ruthless. We respect
your dark power," Mr. Jones shouted into a megaphone, .

JCT: I was shouting "we know you are not evil, we know you
are merely incompetent. We have no respect for your inept

SP: his words echoing off the blank face of the hotel.

JCT: My white at reflecting off the blank face of the hotel
being all the message I needed. The Engineer and mother are
back, again and again.

SP: He paused occasionally in his lengthy remarks -
including charges that Bilderberg members were responsible
for putting mercury and cancer viruses in vaccines - to
direct the cameramen accompanying him or to pose for photos
with fans.

JCT: Tough indictments of minor genocides to prove when he
missed the easily proven big genocide of the poor from need
by usury whose evidence is staring us in the face.

SP: Each time a dark sedan or SUV passed through the parking
lot, protesters rushed over to jeer at the occupants,

JCT: Each time a dark sedan or SUV passed through the
parking lot, I rushed over with a big superior smile to
expose my double placard saying:

Don't cancel Debt! Cancel Debt Growth First. Abolish
Interest Rates. Jesus, Mohammed, Nehemiah said: Do not lend
money at interest."
www.UN.org/Millennium/Declaration.htm Interest-Free UNILETS
"3rd Turmel Bilderberg Picket 1983 Montebello 1996 King City
2006 Ottawa
The Anti-Poverty Engineer

I wasn't making any snarly faces since I was a protest-
instructor as opposed to previous media-darling protest-

SP: but Ottawa police officers and private security
personnel kept a hawkish watch and no one was allowed on the
hotel property.

JCT: Mom and I went 10 feet onto hotel property to have our
picture taken in front their Brookstreet sign but were asked
to stay on the sidewalk.

SP: Kanata resident John McNamara is critical of the
international banking and media monopolies he believes the
Bilderberg members control. He acknowledged that most people
are "asleep at the whole agenda" and said the protest was
intended primarily to raise awareness and make a statement.

JCT: I've always felt the same way. The first time, back in
1983, I just wanted to let the rulers know I knew how it
could have been done better and I knew what clutzes in
banking systems engineering posterity would judge them to

SP: "We're giving them notice that more and more people are
waking up and I think it's due to the Internet. Mr. McNamara

JCT: 20 people show up to protest. Not that much help.

SP: Over the past few years, Jeff Leroux has followed the
activities of Bilderberg and similar groups through books
and websites, but he felt it was "pretty scary" to know they
were meeting in Ottawa this time.

JCT: Scare? I could understand being scared by a bunch of
Mafia dons meeting with murder in their hearts but scared of
"board room" Dons who do the murder in their hearts with
pens and contracts? Why not? One of the main architects who
got Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan under false
pretenses, Perle, is there. And his was a crime made public
and they don't mind being linked with him. They'll wallow in
any pig's trough for power.

SP: He thought the timing of the conference, one week after
the arrests of 17 Canadian terror suspects, was suspicious

JCT: What a red herring to focus on.

SP: and felt compelled to spend a few hours camping out in
front of the hotel on Friday and again yesterday.

JCT: I probably met him in the crowd for the poetry.

SP: "Now they're here, which to me has been stuff I've only
read about in books, and now this is not a book - they're
here in our backyard, so I thought I should be here.

Monday June 12 2006
By HOLLY LAKE, OTTAWA SUN holly.lake@ott.sunpub.com
Today Kanata..... Tomorrow the world. Or so conspiracy
theorists warn as secret confab wraps up

JCT: Ha ha. Silly conspiracy theorists.

HL: Who's Who of the Bilderbergs
Out in the Open: The Bilderbergs

Bilderberger Richard Perle waves as he leaves the meeting at
the Brookstreet Hotel yesterday. (Blair Gable, SUN)

JCT: He's pretty important, having played a great part in
selling America on the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq. Based
on lies. I wonder if he lies to the Bilderbergs like he lied
to American citizens about Saddam's Weapons of Mass

HL: YOU MIGHT not care or know about the ultra-secretive
meetings that happened this weekend at the Brookstreet
Hotel. Whether you pay attention to the annual gathering of
the Bilderberg group -- comprised of royalty, political
power-brokers, national leaders, bankers and heads of some
of the world's largest companies -- Mark O'Donnell says what
they do and decide impacts our lives daily.

"The world we're living in right now is a reflection of some
of the decisions that people like this have made." The 32-
year-old Kanata man and father of one said the meetings are
part of the reason why gas is a dollar a litre and Iraq was
invaded. "A lot of people have a lot more local problems --
how to buy groceries this week," he said. "These are major,
major issues and for a lot of people, it's too much for them
to even care about. If it's not going to affect them in the
next week or two, it's not really a concern."

A "moderate" conspiracy theorist, O'Donnell said some of
more vocal Bilderberg critics do themselves a disservice by
grandstanding. "It's too easy to dismiss," he said. "You're
not going to get any support or credit when people drive by
and see, 'We're all going to hell'." It's also too easy for
people to label critics conspiracy theorists and be on with
their day, he said. He's done some research and taken a
close look at who's involved and he's convinced something

The Brookstreet Hotel was off limits to all but staff and
Bilderbergers this weekend. Outside, heavy security staffed
metal gates blocking all access to the hotel's empty parking
lot. Two police cruisers patrolled the lot but even police
officers who can usually go anywhere couldn't approach the
hotel without a special Bilderberg-issued pass.

Even yesterday, as a steady stream of black limos with
tinted windows ferried the privileged participants away from
the hotel, onlookers were kept off the property.

Bilderberg is criticized for being accountable to no one and
circumventing democracy by privately discussing public
issues -- and some suspect setting public policy. Members
say they're building transatlantic understanding, frankly
talking about issues, but they prefer to do it in private
where invited participants can speak freely.

Secret meetings that have Indigo Books CEO Heather Reisman,
Richard Perle, one of George W. Bush's top advisors,
billionaire David Rockefeller and Holland's Queen Beatrix in
the same group? "What could they possibly have to say to one
another?" O'Donnell asked. "And why hide in secrecy if
they're talking about good? It just seems to stink of

In Homer The Great, a classic 1995 episode of The Simpsons
which parodies the Bilderberg group, the Freemasons and
other shadowy organizations, Homer joins a secret society
called the Stone-cutters. The group's evil motives are
summed up in their theme song:

Who controls the British crown?
Who keeps the metric system down?
We do! We do!
Who leaves Atlantis off the maps?
Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
We do! We do!
Who holds back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?
We do! We do!
Who robs cavefish of their sight?
Who rigs every Oscar night?
We do! We do!

JCT: Boy, conspiracy theorists must be paranoid.

Secretive group's departure as low-key as arrival
Small group of protesters watches as annual meeting comes
to an end
Photograph by : Jean Levac, The Ottawa Citizen

by Tom Spears, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Monday, June 12, 2006

JCT: I saw the Citizen car with the reporter all Sunday
morning but he never came over to find out why the most-
times picketers were there. Typical Citizen nose for news or
just aware of the black-out on Turmel. Still, you'd think
the million Ottawans who know me might have been interested
to know why me and mama were on our third while most hadn't
even heard of these guys until now, 23 years later. But if
notorious Ottawa politician busted with life sentence supply
of marijuana on Parliament Hill can be squelched by all
three Ottawa dailies, notorious Ottawa politician being
most-often Bilderberg picketer shouldn't break the black-
list either.

TS: Four days after they arrived quietly at a Kanata hotel,
the world's rich and powerful left just as mysteriously, in
limos and SUVs with blacked-out windows. The Bilderberg
Group, a secretive organization of politicians and business
leaders from around the world, gave no public statements.
With private security guards and metal barriers keeping
outsiders on the street, the Bilderbergers met privately and
then whisked themselves away in ones and twos, mostly to the
airport. What they talked about at the Brookstreet Hotel is
still a secret. The group meets annually, and is usually
rumoured to discuss international politics and business,
from Middle East crises to oil prices.

They emerged singly yesterday -- Bilderberg president
Etienne Davignon of Belgium, American David Rockefeller,
Italian economist Mario Monti, European competition
commissioner Neelie Kroes from the Netherlands, and,
watchers thought, Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi.

Protesters on the sidewalk have their own version of the
agenda: world domination, a merger of Canada with the United
States and Mexico, hiding the cure for cancer, suppression
of cars that get 200 miles per gallon of fuel, an invasion
of Iran, and slavery for the common people of all countries.

JCT: Someone mentioned slavery without mentioning the yoke
of oppression, the interest?

TS: About a dozen protesters stood outside yesterday,
slightly fewer than on Saturday. Two police officers watched
from across the street while others were inside the hotel.
They carried signs protesting the "NWO" (new world order)
and denouncing the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks as "an
inside job."

JCT: Tough sell linking that to the Bilderbergs. A straw

TS: "When you've got this many high rollers in one place,
then there's a story," said Geoff Matthews, editor and
publisher of a small newspaper called the Kingston Eye
Opener. "In my opinion, what they started to plan about 10
years ago is the unification of North America without the
consent of the people. It's now in fast-forward."

The meetings always draw intensely curious outsiders who
believe the Bilderbergers need to be exposed. One of these
is Daniel Estulin, a Canadian who moved to Spain about 15
years ago -- because, he says, the Central Intelligence
Agency tried to kill him.

JCT: Another off-target spokesperson for the oppressed.

TS: He feels safer in Spain. "I'm much further out of the
reach of the secret service -- both Canadian and American."
"I write the stories everyone else is afraid to write," he

JCT: Sure does help the story build the "paranoid conspiracy
theorist" image, doesn't it? But those of us following my
MedPot wars know how the treatment of a real reformer is
never with a truthful accounting on TV, it's no press while
Judas Goats like Alan Young representing lawyers and Alison
Myrden representing Law Enforcement Against Prohibition get
the interviews. We've learned that if they're on orthodox
TV, they're usually not real reformers since real reformers
rarely don't get on TV unless they're really really tricky
and lucky and plucky.

TS: He and others staked out positions on the sidewalk where
they could get a clear view of the hotel's front door. For
hours, they watched through binoculars and telephoto lenses,
waiting as men and women got into limos. Cameras clicked,
and the Bilderberg-watchers scrolled through digital images
afterwards, trying to identify which member of the group
they had just recorded.

JCT: And as they passed out, John "The Engineer" with the
with hard-hat flashed the financial salvation message for
the 3rd time to all these clutzes and nose for news Tom
Spears didn't notice Ottawa's most notorious politician
among the protestors for a record setting 3rd protest.

TS: Alex Jones, a documentary filmmaker from Texas, showed
up with two of his crew. "Man, this is just evil," he
muttered as he paced up and down, watching more limos drive
past. He was detained on his arrival in Canada, but says he
was released after other media asked questions about him.
"It's a group of very powerful individuals whose objective
is to create one world government, based on an economic
model from the Middle Ages," he said. This would be "a post-
industrial model where you have slaves and slave owners." He
claimed to have Bilderberg insiders feeding him information.

JCT: I just look at the results around me to condemn those
of influence on today's mess. Besides, I like one big fair
world government and don't see that it's necessarily got to
be organized wrong. Especially once there's enough funding
to organize the planet's salvation optimally. But to link us
slaves because they are one Big Brother, I've always
welcomed just one slave-master because it's just one
computer I have to reprogram to correct the positive
feedback malfunction. While others decry bank mergers, I
welcome less central computers whose financial software I'll
have to update to UNILETS.

TS: Protester J. P. Arial of Ottawa was there for the fourth
straight day. "They're ruining our planet.

JCT: Now's where you should throw in how they're clutzes and
we're not going to punish them though it is time to give up
the reins of control and let competent banking systems
software engineering take over.

TS: They're suppressing free energy, controlling the food
industry. They're forcing farmers to switch to genetically
modified seeds," he said. "They want to control everyone. No
freedom, no democracy."

JCT: Slavery, which is why the name of the political party I
founded was the Abolitionist Party of Canada, here to finish
the job of liberation from debts that the metal chain
Abolitionists didn't see.

TS: But most of Kanata took no notice of the black cars
running in and out between the computer companies, past the
line-up at Tim Hortons on March Road, and off to the

JCT: Just as Tom took no notice of John and Therese Turmel
setting a mini-Canadian record on the topic.

There's a list of some of the people who don't mind being
associated with the man responsible for getting us into
"aggressive war" crimes:

Andrzej Olechowski, Poland politician,

Egil Myklebust, a Norwegian oil and gas group

Robert Zoellick deputy secretary of state to Condoleeza Rice

James B. Steinberg, Clinton dep nat security adviser

Juan Luis Cebrian CEO of media conglomerate Grupa Prisa

Mario Monti, is an Italian economist (Har har har).

Jean-Pierre Hansen CEO of Belgium energy giants

Neelie Kroes Dutch politician

Franco Bernabe vice-chairman of European Rothschild bank

David Rockefeller Trilateral Commission Chase Manhattan Bank

Frank McKenna Canada's ambassador to the U.S.

Jorma Ollila CEO of Nokia Corporation

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Richard Perle was assistant secretary of defence to U.S.
president Ronald Reagan and is still considered influential
in the U.S., having advised President George W. Bush. Mr.
Perle served as chairman of the Defence Policy Board from
2001-2003 and was assistant secretary of defence for
international security policy from 1981 to 1987. His
opinions appear regularly in the New York Times, Wall Street
Journal and London's Daily Telegraph.

JCT: Christ said: "Blessed be the warmakers" not. Christ
said "Blessed be the peace-makers." Perle is a war-maker.

James Wofensohn president of the World Bank

Etienne Davignon Belgian politician

John Vinocur International Herald Tribune

Adrian Wooldridge is the Economist's Washington bureau chief

Vernon Jordan Clinton Washington insider

Tony Comper CEO of BMO Financial Group

Dermot Gleeson chairman of Allied Irish Banks

JCT: So, no mention of Ottawa home-boy's record Bilderberg
protest in the Ottawa media. And focus on lots of wild
accusations as if the media had their own agenda going on.
Anyway, I found it very therapeutic. I think mom did too.
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science forum Guru Wannabe

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 12:29 pm    Post subject: John Turmel drinks his own piss. Reply with quote

"By the way, he thinks he's shaming me while I think
he's helping spread a message many people will
eventually thank me for. I couldn't ask for a better
plug to bring this natural miraculous healer to
everyone's attention, even if from a demented
lunatic. I'm so not ashamed that I even pee a mug
full and chug it in the DVD put out last year at
http://www.turmelmovie.com so it's not as if I'm not
happy to get the message out."
John "Piss Boy" Turmel
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