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Quantum Pi
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 4:14 pm    Post subject: Quantum Pi Reply with quote

It is the ultimate symbol, it the most universal language. It
represents both the 1 and the 0, and theoretically you could
contemplate anything just with this single symbol. You can simply
continue tracing the 0 or the 1 for some time and you can crank out

This symbol already has a lot of meaning, and I think at one time it
represented the god of mars, and even the number 6. Among other

Sure it signals the empty set, which is an odd sort of number that
isn't really a number at all. And Set theory has driven a number of
mathematicians crazy. I've delved into the abys my self. It is the
symbol for Ares, and Mars. Here is a refrence for that:

I'm sure it has meant other things, but the symbol of the circle with a
line through it represented the spear and shield in ancient times. In
that article it mentions that to the gypsys it was a graphiti symbol to
indicate there was a lot of money to be found in the area. I'm not
sure where I learned it represented the number six, because I can't
seem to come up with a refrence. But I think sometimes people write
the number zero with a line through it as well. :)

If you look carefully at the tree of life you can see seven of the
sephiroths make a perfect circle, and 3 others form a line that
intersect the circle at the base and the top. So the synchronicity
must be meaningful somehow for the Isrealites as well. Perhaps it
represents the seven days it took god to make the world, and the 3
aspects of god. And the unity between them, of the opposites of heaven
and earth. And it is interesting to think about the parallels between
ancient kaballah and modern information science. A russian born jew
co-founded Google as well, and if you look carefully you can see how
all of the letters in the google logo appear to be either a 1 or a 0 in
binary, but that is drastically different than the symbol we see here.

The 3 sephiroths that form the spear, and the 7 that form the shield
appear to be deviding each other. If you devide 3 by 7 you get the
number 0.428571... It is the most common and interesting cyclical
number, and the ancients even knew about it. I'm not exactly sure what
it means, but it does appear to be rather insightful. Here is an
article about it from answers.com:


The most important thing I realized is that it is the only cyclical
number in existence unless numbers can begin with 0. But no real
numbers can. On top of that it is a close aproximation for the number
144,000, which in revelations is the number of ascended masters. But
even more interesting is it is an aproximation for Pi that has been
used for a long time. If the Isrealites were aware of it during the
time of Egypt then they would have known about Pi before it is recorded
down in history.

22/7 is 3.1428571428571428571428571428571, which is a perfect
aproximation of Pi, and also the repeating cycle of numbers 142857.

Very interesting. And I'm sure there is a lot more to learn about this
number from the answers.com page. Modern thinkers have invented new
forms of math to honor it (vedic mathematics), and new agers have built
a symbol called the Gnostic Circle around it, which is very beautiful
and insightful.

There is even a holiday comming up in honor of this number, Pi
Aproximation Day on July 22 (22/7)


An old usenet poster named Archimedes Plutonium came up with a similar
theory in the 1990s. Here is his wikipedia entry:

He called himself Archimedes Plutonium because archimedes was the one
who discovored that Pi was not 22/7 in the 3rd century B.C., and also
figured out that the plutonium atom had 22 sub-shells and 7 actual
shells.. So he figured that the universe was a giant plutonium atom,
and wrote that in the quantum world Pi actually was 22/7 Or what I like
to call "quantum Pi", and he still believed that Pi was also the usual
aproximation. Strange enough the plutonium atom could also represent E
because only 19 subshells were occupied at the same time. I'm actually
not sure if his facts check out.

But there is an interesting wikipedia entry on why Pi is not 22/7 here:
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