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My Questions
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Euler Cheung
science forum beginner

Joined: 15 Jul 2006
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 12:43 pm    Post subject: My Questions Reply with quote

1. How do understand the Parallel Path Technology in terms of your
understanding of Physics?

2. When an object is in vibration, it follow from Einstein's theory
that it would increase its relativistic mass. When it is no longer
energized by thermal energy, would the excess relativistic mass return
back to energy?(since 1993)

3. What happen when a Magnet is falling into a coil, what is the exact
energy picture and the trajectory of movement of Magnet? Does excess
energy enter into the picture?(since 1995)

4. What really is rotational inertia? It appears to me that rotational
is like the original state of motion of matter, any object 'enjoy'
being in that state. Moreover, it also appear to be that Physicist
through out the world has mistakenly ignore this quantity in the
circular trajectory roller-coaster problem.(since 2005) Similarly, the
calculation of final velocity has failed to take into account of the
rotational inertia in the sprial trajectory problem.

5. Could we consider the Electromagnetic field bend the time-space as
gravity bend the time-space. We can envision that Electromagnet matter
is going in straight line except its time-space is curved, therefore
an electron is moving in circlar orbit in the atom. It also followed
that presence of strong E-M field would slow down the passage of time
similar to gravty. Why is gravity assigned such a special role that
no other field could match?

6. Among the circle of energyfromair researcher, it is custom to say
energy elicit energy in another form instead of energy converted from
one form to another. One of our strongest evidence/example is the
swing example: You push it slightly in the lowest point, it would
swing upward. And the potential energy for moving doesn't all coming
from your hand. Translate it into Physicists' language, the input of
energy does not mysteriously become another energy,it merely cause the
excitement or change of state of the object, therefore the object
responds. My question is: Is it possible that we are living in a world
of unlimited energy which appear to us as finite energy? Every force
fields we know of would never run out of energy, why then human would
have the impression of finite energy?

7. Would mutual induction take place inside an atom among layers
orbits of electrons? Each orbit of electron presumably would posses
Magnetic moment, and we can also treat it as a electrical current.
When a few electrical current oribiting the nucleus, why wouldn't they
interact with each other similar to the currents in conductor wire?

8. Does reciporal interaction happen? i.e. Would an electrical current
influence by its Magnetic flux lines? Could all normal law of
electromagnetic explored as the result of reciporal interactions?

9. This is from one of our observation during the Generator
experiments. When we connected the load before it operate, the Lenz's
effect appear to be already happened. It require a higher kinetic
energy to kick off an Generator when it is pre-connected to load. It
is possible to explain it in terms of virtual electrical current flow?
i.e. I presume it is a quantum phenomena which the load demand
electricity from the Generator in a previous time. It is the load
generate electricity and the motion,not vice versa.

10. Just a brief observation and description of a possibly Quantum
phenomena: That most electrical appliance require only certain amount
of electrical current to operate, but not voltage. i.e. Regardless of
the voltage we can't input electrical energy into a system if the I
isn't right. Since V is generally thought as like kinetic energy of
electrons, therefore I put forward this hypothesis: Liken the
Photoelectric effect, electrical appliance would only accept electrons
carrying a multiple of certain amount of kinetic energy(1k, 2k,
3k...., nk where n is an interge). i.e. Electrical appliance would
only accept electrical energy in small packet. No more, no less. Thus
a greater V can't elicit any reaction from the electrical appliance
because the amount of kinetic energy it posses is more than it can
accept on per electron basis. What do you think?
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Herman Family
science forum Guru Wannabe

Joined: 14 Jun 2005
Posts: 173

PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 4:08 pm    Post subject: Re: My Questions Reply with quote

You can get most of your answers in about two semesters of college physics.
Actually, picking up a good physics book and working through it would be a
great idea. It looks like you have a real interest in this stuff, and you
might find that the insight you get from a good course in it would far
surpass what you can get in a newsgroup message on the net.

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