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TURMEL: Int'l Social Currency Conference in Germany September
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John Turmel
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 1:33 pm    Post subject: TURMEL: Int'l Social Currency Conference in Germany September Reply with quote

JCT: A university conference on using poker chips may sure
sound easy but considering how badly the world is screwing
up with its national poker chips, a conference on non-
malfunctioning poker chips, no matter how elementary, is
never a bad idea in a world full of misinformed users.

Subject: conference announcement - book early!
Posted by: "schuster@livingcity.de" schuster@livingcity.de
Date: Thu Jul 13, 2006 3:31 am (PDT)

S: International conference "MONETARY REGIONALISATION Local
currency systems as catalysts for endogenous regional
development from September 28th to 29th 2006 at the Bauhaus-
Universitat Weimar Local Currencies, Barter Circles, LETS,
Complementary Currencies... a new monetary pluralism is
There is a worldwide growth in complementary local currency

JCT: Not only is there growth in local complementary
currency systems but there is also growth in national
complementary currency systems (Venezuela) though there may
be little growth in international trading of Hours of labor.

S: In the 20th Century Europe, local currency systems were
developed and implemented as instruments for regional
development primarily during the economic depression of the
1930s. Some of the initiatives ceased to exist after a short
period of time, others, like the Swiss WIR, still operate
successfully today.

JCT: "Ceased to exist" is a bankster apologist's way of
explaining that they were out-lawed by the courts at the
instigation of the central bank (if they're not doing it
right, no one can) and, just like in Canada where William
Aberhart social credits were out-lawed by the courts, both
"experiments" are deemed to have failed, to have ceased to
operate. "Economies made vibrant by social currency grease
do not "ceased to exist." They can only be out-lawed. And
these are German organizers hiding the banksters' role in
making Depression-era social currencies cease to exist.

S: In the last decades of the past century new local
currency systems have appeared worldwide, in many cases in
circumstances of economic decline.

JCT: People with money to collect interest aren't interested
in earning money that buys food but doesn't pay interest.
Only people with no money who do not collect interest are
interested in earning money that buys food but doesn't pay
interest. But the more poor who get organized to focus on
food, the less prostitution the money of the rich will buy.

S: A special mention can be given to the LETS-systems,

JCT: No mention of world-wide UNILETS that has none of the
flaws in small-database trading under discussion. Boy, would
a maximum-database flawless accounting package ruin those
"flaws in LETS" social currencies workshops. Besides, it's
not the bicycle that's flawed, it's that theirs are so small
and are often beign driven backward.

S: the Argentinean local currencies

JCT: And Provincial government social currencies helped so
much, it put most local databases out of action.

S: and local and sectoral currency systems in Korea and

JCT: Not much news about "sectoral" currency systems from
the Orient has made it to our world. Heck, nothing much
about useful systems makes from our world to our world.

S: At the conference, we aim to support this scientific
interest into a civic movement,

JCT: Maybe they'll elect a leader of the LETS civic

S: bringing together multidisciplinary international
experts, who share a common and often long-standing interest
in the evaluation and the theoretical development of local
currency movements.

JCT: Beware the multidisciplinary international experts
whose common and often long-standing interest in the
evaluation and the theoretical development of local currency
movements is to keep them small and ineffectual. Bernard
Lietaer will be telling them about when it's better to keep
using national interest-bearing currency rather than our own
social interest-free currency, no doubt.

S: In a transdisciplinary dialogue the impact of local
currency systems on regional social and economic structures
will be evaluated and the potentials in fostering endogenous
regional development will be discussed.
Recent and historical case studies from European and non-
European contexts will serve to answer the question under
which political, social and economic preconditions local
currency systems can exist,

JCT: How but "currency systems can exist" under all
preconditions but slavery.

S: revive local economic cycles and enable citizens to form
new alliances towards social, cultural and economic

Speakers are:

Prof. Frank Eckardt (Bauhaus-University Weimar)
Prof. Bernard Lietaer (Naropa University, Boulder, USA)

JCT: Bankster Bernard. Just Google him and Turmel and bets
to find my 8 challenges found in his 13 lines.

Dr. Jerome Blanc (Universit=E9 Lumi=E8re Lyon)

I met him at the Montreal conference a few years ago so
search for him and Turmel to read about it.

Prof. Loren Gatch (University of Central Oklahoma, USA)
Prof. Makoto Maruyama (University of Tokyo, Japan)

JCT: It would be nice to hear about developments in social
currencies in a high-tech world.

Prof. Nigel Thrift (University of Oxford, UK)
Prof. Ulrich Scheiper (Fachhochschule W=FCrzburg)
Prof. Roger Lee (University of London, UK)
Dr. Robert Musil (Universit=E4t Wien)
Prof. Jonathan Warner (Dordt College, Iowa)
Dr. Gerhard R=F6sl (Volkswirtschaftler)
Henning Osmers (Universit=E4t Oldenburg, Germany)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Cezanne (Brandenburgische TU Cottbus)
Prof. Margrit Kennedy (Regioverband Germany)

JCT: Of course, her book "Interest- and Inflation-free
money" was one cheerful note in the early days when no one
believed running our own currencies interest-free was

Dr. Peter North (University of Liverpool, U.K.)

JCT: The first LETS Ph.D. but he never got the Big UNILETS

Stephen DeMeulenaere(Strohhalm Foundation, Bali)

JCT: No one's done more to erode UNILETS support on the net
and at conferences than Stephen.

Barbara Ro=DFmei=DFl (Universit=E4t Passau)
Prof. Heloisa Primavera (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

JCT: Guardian of the secrets of the Argentine debt

Prof. Dr. Martina Sch=E4fer (TU Berlin)
and others.

For more information on the international conference
"Monetary Regionalisation":

Venue: Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar

Organiser: Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar and REGIOprojekt e.V.
Phone: 03643-58 39 23 E: regioprojekt@archit.uni-weimar.de

***Book early! You will receive an early bird discount until
July 31st 2006.

JCT: And another money reform summit going on right after

30th Sept. - 1st Oct. in Weimar, Germany
Theoreticians and Practicioners of Regional Currency

initiatives from all over Germany come together in this
summit to exchange their knowledge and experience. This
year's Regiogeld Summit will focus on the development and
efficacy of the tool "Local Currency", especially for the
economically underdeveloped regions.

JCT: Nice to hear the machinery called a tool.

The Regiogeld Association will present itself to the public
and give an overview over the current initiatives. The
Banker Gernot Schmidt (Sparkasse Leipzig) explains why his
institution is planning the implementation of a local
currency and which sustainable effects are expected by this.

Wonderful. I've always begged the day I could go down to my
neighborhood Rothschild or Rockefeller loanshark bank and be
offered an interest-free LETS (1/s) friendly credit account
right next to my American or French (1/(s-i)) accounts too.
Having orthodox banking networks settle for a pure service
charge to handle our banking is all I've ever asked for.
Next step, Canadian banks?

University teacher Hans Ebert (FH Kufstein) is going to
point out that many regions could profit by reactivating
fallow economic sectors and lost regional structures.

JCT: Hope someone points out the benefits of everyone
connecting to the International UNILETS Time Standard of
Money. 1-Hour of unskilled child labor as base.

"Regiogeld-patron" Margrit Kennedy will present her vision
of a fair economy on the basis of complementary currencies.

JCT: Notice how local social complementary currencies are
the only mechanism in the world with a positive effect on

Last but not least the Swiss ecological economist Hans-
Christoph Binswanger will reflect about money - together
with the famous philosopher Peter Sloterdijk. This year our
guests can choose from a total of 33 workshops!

JCT: Though I'm sure the list is littered with people who
think inflation is too much money chasing goods, Shift A,
and are cognitively dissonant to the idea of inflation being
the same money chasing less goods, Shift B, it should still
be a good show. Cognitively dissonant because, though faced
with an explanation of the difference between Shift A and
Shift B, it is rejected from your mind as impossible the
moment you don't have to explain why it's impossible

Are you interested in participating in both events? Then
book the "Two-in-One" Package here:
You will save up to 50 Euros compared to the seperate
registration. Limited availability!

Internationale Fachtagung "MONETARY REGIONALISATION" -
Regional-w=E4hrungen als Katalysatoren einer endogenen
Regionalentwicklungam 28./29. September 2006 an der..

JCT: And they have the whole release in German too. Sadly,
it seems there will be no one with a global vision talking
about the soon-to-be world-wide social time-trading network
I see just over the horizon.

Too bad no one from Islamic banking is there.
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science forum Guru Wannabe

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 1:40 pm    Post subject: John Turmel drinkie pissy. Reply with quote

"By the way, he thinks he's shaming me while I think
he's helping spread a message many people will
eventually thank me for. I couldn't ask for a better
plug to bring this natural miraculous healer to
everyone's attention, even if from a demented
lunatic. I'm so not ashamed that I even pee a mug
full and chug it in the DVD put out last year at
http://www.turmelmovie.com so it's not as if I'm not
happy to get the message out."
John "The Piss Boy" Turmel
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