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"Free" electricity
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The Real Chris
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 8:42 pm    Post subject: "Free" electricity Reply with quote


"Free" Electricity, not free and not just a coil and it means
electromagnetism is only nearly right and it shows the Christians as the
evil men of the west.

Oh in case you are worried a blood test showed quite clearly I am innocent
of any evil act. I am not O Rh- but of a very rare type, I might be the only
one round here of my type. But still they attack me, and all they want is
"Jesus is God". OK. So there. I will live for ever in that golden temple in
the sky and those that attacked me will burn for ever in the eternal furnace
of hell. For they have poisoned the Earth with their lies and we now have
the permanently inceasing global warming that could end human life on Earth,
all because of the lies of one man. The founder of the criminal gang called
psychiatry. They have created hell. And it can only get worse.


Tesla's Chance Discovery around 1930
In the 1930's Tesla announced he could make free electricity from some
hidden power of the Universe. He was tardy about how his system worked but
it became known as "Tesla's Coil", or "Tesla's Engine".
I saw a description in a reference in an old book I had as a child.
It was simple: A hydrogen Geisler tube inside an induction coil with a
Layden jar across the coil to make a parallel tuned circuit. The power
output was taken from a secondary. Power level was controlled by a
vibrating reed circuit breaker that altered the duty cycle to keep a
constant power level it was adjusted by moving the breaker contact.
One report was that the tube was a vacuum but this probably means low
pressure air. Air is also a nuclear fuel as the atomic nuclei in air will
occasionally fuse to form heavier elements with the release of energy.
In the arrangement below the energy from spontaneous fusion reactions at
room temperature is picked up by the tuned circuit and stored so that as the
electrical energy accumulates the feedback from the tuned circuit to the gas
causes heating and a higher and higher rate of reaction until useful power
can be extracted.
See below.

My ideas are derived from this and my own repeats of his experiments when I
was about ten.
The knowledge of thermonuclear fusion was not known then and the source of
the energy was a complete mystery.
It has taken me forty years to work out the physics and these dangerous
"hydrogen engines" have caused fatalities.
A better regulator for 1930 would be a spark gap with the coil and the laden
jar forming a tuned circuit with the spark gap across the windings to
regulate the power. When the voltage exceeded the breakdown potential of
the air in the gap the power would be robbed from returning to the reactor
thus limiting the power.
His report said he was experimenting with gases inside his induction coil,
most just glowed, such as neon and argon but oxygen and nitrogen gave out
more power than put in. He found hydrogen was the best and he used low
pressure hydrogen with the hand vacuum pump he used.
If I remember I called my experiments at about ten "plasma oscillators".
We did not know anything about fusion energy at the time so it was a
I believe that the Tesla story involved a lot of money and the investors
lost their money when Tesla was done for fraud. I believe he was declared
insane and the region of his brain in front of the fissure of Roland was
destroyed. He never did anything again.
He paid for his secrecy of the details with his life, but no one, not even
Tesla understood what was happening and so the Luddites were acting in fear
and fear of unemployment. Fear is overcome with education and unemployment
changes to wealth and plenty as the benefits of the discovery are felt. We
paid for the short-sighted men in power by the destruction of the global
Jet is a Tesla engine.
These days giant transistors and diodes would be needed to regulate the
power. The regulator fixes the idling power but as the engine is loaded the
power increases to match the load.
Of course "free" is not really free, it is just an alternative method of
generating electricity that may be cheaper than mining coal or drilling for
oil. Unfortunately our religious leaders believe the word "free" or "cheap"
means it is a fraud. This erroneous idea has caused the deaths or
imprisonment of many a gifted man because of the ingrained idea of the
virtue of work and the concept of the privileged few having everything while
the rest have only a little. Tesla's engine, if it had worked would of
changed the social order by making more people rich but it would not of
course make the rich any less rich than they are already. However the
reality of the situation is that these "rich" would just maintain their
artificial differential to be sure they stay ahead. That is why the cut
price electricity offered by Tesla had to be ridiculed and destroyed and the
experimental physicists Tesla had his brain destroyed by the worst mass
murder in history. The Christian and Jewish religion is the artificial basis
of these murders just to maintain the social order.
My copy may not be accurate it is only from his description and although I
have read reports of his success and the tests I did are only dim
recollection. I make to claim of "it works" because it world get me killed
by the "powers" you know - there is no profit in it. The social system is so
important to the "powers" that anything that seems to threaten this system
of millions of workers supporting a privileged few in the social pyramid
would destabilise it and cause the loss of the special position of the
privileged few.
So if you want to try this "silly" idea you just make an induction coil
(about 500 turns of enamelled 16 gauge wire on a hard plastic tube about 2.5
cm in diameter and 5 cm long) with a 0.1 uF 2000 V capacitor across the
tunings and put a Pyrex boiling tube with hydrogen at 3 mm Hg pressure
sealed in with a rubber bung. The vibrating circuit breaker is quite
difficult to make but it can be done with a bronze strip clamped at one end
and with a strip of iron stuck to it so it is pulled in by the current to
break the circuit to a battery in such a way that the current passes through
the coil. Be sure to put a spark gap voltage clamp across the coil to
prevent to much power being developed. Once started (if it does) then the
circuit breaker may be short circuited and disconnected.
I do not know if this simple system will in fact do anything at all. It is a
copy from memory of Tesla's experimental report.
He reported success, not me.
His execution was to prevent the predicted collapse of social order. I
maintain this would not happen.
We have global warming instead.
You are free to try it out and if you are under 15 you are more likely to
succeed as you will not have the prejudice ingrained by education and the
idea that if it is free it is a cheat. Try it and see.
The way it works (if it does) is not understood. Not by any physicists
including me.
You may be rewarded by "free" electricity. But it might cost you your life
if the "Powers" catch you.
India or Islamic countries would be the best places to be otherwise the
Christians will "get you".
I'm not going to, If I succeed I'll be done for cheating, otherwise well ...
I make no predictions.
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