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Angelo Campanella
science forum Guru Wannabe

Joined: 08 May 2005
Posts: 226

PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:42 pm    Post subject: Rules Reply with quote

January, 2005:

Welcome to the Usenet group on acoustics!

I know of no other public medium than Internet and its affiliates
that serves the purpose of global access and query on chosen subjects
successfully at present.

Genuine inquiries in technical acoustics are welcome.

Newcomers may enjoy the Acoustics FAQ, devised and generated solely by
the many participants in this news group several years ago, and now
posted at:


However, detailed repartee` on simple problems such as speaker design,
home studio details and amplified audio problems should be discussed
elsewhere on hobby groups, soundproofing, etc.

This alt.news group is intended for preliminary technical discussion on
all fields
of acoustics, perhaps best defined by the fields indicated by the
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (see pages A38-A41 of the
1999 (light green) ASA membership directory.

For example (all adjectives preceding 'Acoustics'):

Architectural Machinery silencing
Bioresponse Physical
Engineering Psychological and Physiological
Musical Speech
Noise Structural
Noise Control Underwater & Propagation

NEWSGROUP ****************

0/ Consider this news group to be a "Hailing" channel where your first
is exchanged, and knowledgeable respondents on any given question may

1/ Our discussions should be brief, involving relatively short epistles.
A few screen-loads usually suffice to get an informative exchange going.

2/ Avoid public repartee' that switches to lesser and unrelated matters.
Private E-Mail is for that. Rather, stick to main issues from which all
of us will learn and also enjoy the benefits of this highly public

3/ Resist the temptation to author large treatises here. Save all that
energy for a separate E-mail file targeted to a recipient, the US
mail or FAX.

4/ Avoid unintentional "Cross-Posting" when commenting on or answering
to messages by others, especially messages that are obviously
answers-to-answers. (Cross-posting appears as newsgroups other than
alt.sci.physics.acoustics listed, separated by commas, appearing in your
composer's NeWSGROUPS header line.) The problem with this practice,
sometimes otherwise due and proper, is that some paricipants in such
preipheral groups in turn respond with increasingly marginal and
off-topic comments, diverging excessively, much to the chagrin of
serious participants here.

5/ When inclusively allowing quotes of the subject message to which you
the few succinct lines that set the stage for YOUR learned response.

6/ AVOID quarrelsome and profane language. Life's too short to waste on
Such outbursts also seriously detract from the credibility of the
arguments and
validity of the information presented.

(Profanities are often the result of frustration about a weak and
position on a controversial subject. Better to go back and check your
then argue enlightened and refreshed.)

7/ AVOID making slanderous and defamatory comments.

In these many ways, we will all truly welcome and enjoy each other's
thoughts without the overhead burden of a moderated news group
administrating via exhaustive screening.

Brief "Jobs Available" or "Help Needed" postings are welcome in this
continuing period of economic malaise..

...-.- Angelo J. Campanella (Penn State Ph.D. '55), FASA, W8EDR

N.B.: Some have suggested that this news group should spawn a
conventional or moderated acoustics News Group.
To date, no compelling rationale to do so has emerged.
No volunteers to support the ongoing effort that would be required has

In reviewing the tenets for moderated news groups formation, a key
caveat seems
to me to be that the decision whether or not to form a news group on a given
machine rests with the administrator of a server or large organization.
Thus, the need for group formation needs to be generated ultimately
somewhere by one or more of us on a local basis.

To date, it has been sufficient to have the existence of
News group search engines now easily identify it via a search on


alt.sci.physics.acoustics instituted through OSU in Columbus, OH,
21 May,1995

1997: Many of us have web pages. Advertising them here
(a one-line message with major topic only) is adequate.

Oct'98: I installed the "ACOUSTICS.FAQ" file on my web page.

March '99 Caveat on excess repartee'.

October '99 Caveat on foul content.

June 2000 trivia comment.

September 2000 update.

June 2001 reissue.

July 2001 addendum.

February 2003. Resent to remind the primary usage intended.

August 2003. Resent, minimize home studios, entertainment loudpseakers,

November 2003 Resent, edited.

March 2004 Re-sent.

Summer '04 Re-sent.

Sept'04 Re-sent, cross-posting discouraged.

Dec'04 Re-sent, & Jan1'05.

Angelo Campanella
----- A.Campanella@Att.Net ------
--- http://www.CampanellaAcoustics.Com ----
Learn more about classroom acoustics via "Downloads" at the end of my page:

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