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Origin of Earth's Magnetic Field
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PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2005 2:49 pm    Post subject: Re: Origin of Earth's Magnetic Field Reply with quote

The Ghost In The Machine wrote:
In sci.physics, franklinhu@yahoo.com
And how, precisely, would it do this with no ferromagnetic
materials to speak of floating about in the atmosphere?

Magnetic fields are not necessarily created by magnetic materials. They
are created by charges in motion. If I took a bag of charged gas and
swung it in a circle, it would generate a magnetic field. Similarly,
charged gas moving around the earth can generate a magnetic field.


Mercury has a nice magnetic field. Does it have an atmosphere?

The magnetic field of Mercury is .006 the strength compared to Earth
which is nearly neglible. It has a very tiny atmosphere according to
the chart.

As further evidence of this hypothesis that the Earth magnetic field is
caused by the movement of the atmosphere, look at the site:


Look at the bottom graphic which shows what we think is the flow of
magnetic forces inside the Earth. It shows a great deal of detail and
shows that it doesn't all flow in the same direction. Notably, if you
look off the west coast of America, you can see a large
counter-clockwise rotation in the map. Now compare this with a map of
surface winds found at the bottom of the web site:


While the direction arrows are pointing in the opposite direction, you
can see that there is also a large clockwise rotation off of the west
coast of America. You can also see a matching rotation under India.

While the matchup is not exact, I think it is beyond coincidence that
the Earth magnetic field map follows the surface wind direction.
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PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2005 1:29 am    Post subject: Re: Origin of Earth's Magnetic Field Reply with quote

Well fellers, how about this: hang onto your hats.
First of all you must surely realize that there are two realms of physical
postulats, and they can be generally divided into two basic groups which
constitute the relationship of cause and effect. For the purpose of this
discussion we will rely principally upon Ampereian theory of electrodynamics
for the cause, and WYSIWYG physics for the effect and or effects.
First we will stipulate that the production of an magnetic field
(geomagnetic field) is described as a manifested field of force being the
conventional magnetic field having north and south magnetic poles with
mechanically measureable attributes.

The magnetic field is a wysiwug impression but it is a non entitie. It
doesnt exist, it is an illusion. It is a mathmatical cloak to explain
magnetic interaction. It is a very good engineering tool and it would be
impossible to convince you that magnetic fields do not exist as a
leverageable field of force which can cause action at a distance. BUT I will
attempt it. (that is if you are still brave enough to continue).

A field is eminated from a typical bar magnet which is an electrical field
having a convention of direction of electrical field, magnitude of strength
of the field, direction of propagation of the field. We are talking about
Ampere's dynamic electrical field
which he described as a tangential field for the full length of the bar
magnet and is clockwise as we view the south seeking magnetic pole of the
magnet. If the magnet is not in motion, this field is not in motion. it is
inflated and is in constraint.
If you position a bar magnet close to the screen of a crt (crosshatched)
you will directly observe its effect on the electrons in motion as they
experience the confining dynamic electrical field. The inertia of individual
electrons is re-directed in their flight toward the screen of the crt. The
re-direction of inertia is simply another way of saying the charged
particals in motion seek a path of least resistance, as they are in a
electrical squeeze which disturbs their normal path.

The magnetic signature (wysiwug) is defined as to the direction of the
electrical field being clockwise or counterclockwise as viewed by the
charged partical in motion.

The principal of re-direction of inertia is valid cause of the effect we
view as dedicated fields, ie magnetic, gravitational, etc.

When the earth was born as a spinning mass of material passing through a
massive charged space. The charge in the space alligned the orbitals of the
ferrous materials in the crust and through to the core, and as the earth
cooled that orbital alignment was locked in, and they creat a westbound
electrical field of the earth, having a normal gradient of strength in the
direction of radial propagation. When that gradient of strength is reversed
by solar activity or other causes, the wysiwyg magnetic field is reversed
and anomalies occure which can cause magnetic compasses to freespin or point
south instead of north.
Sea floor growths will remember the anomaly but the overall geomagnetic
field hasnt really changed much, only the gradient of strength of earth
tangential dynamic electrical fields has been temporarily reversed. Of
course the WYSIWYG physicist
will observe a magnetic reversal. (Try to find that in a Library) Ask for
blurb. Kind regards, Lee Pugh

I bet I lost you didnt I? Lee Pugh

"H. Dziardziel" <hdzi@zworg.nospamcom> wrote in message
On 23 May 2005 15:48:23 -0700, franklinhu@yahoo.com wrote:

I think that the origin of the Earth's magnetic field may be the
atmosphere. The atmosphere generates a small but constant magnetic
field which then drives the larger magnetic field coming from the core.

It has been observed that about 10% of the surface magnetic field may
be due to processes in the Earth's atmosphere
http://www.albany.edu/faculty/rgk/atm101/magnet.htm. Weather generally
moves from west to east, and we know that the earth has a large
electric field and that charge separation happens in the cloud layers.
The charged atmosphere could be considered a large conductor moving
from west to east and may setup an initial weak magnetic field that
helps jumpstart or regulate the field from the larger molten core. This
would make the very specific prediction that the strength of the
magnetic field relies on the atmosphere and rotation. So no atmosphere
means little magnetism and lots of moving atmosphere means big magnetic
field. I believe this holds true in the solar system. The moon and
mercury have little atmosphere and little magnetic field. Mars also has
much less atmosphere and magnetic field. Saturn and Jupiter have much
atmosphere and rotation and huge magnetic fields. Venus has lots of
atmosphere, but very little rotation. See a chart of atmospheric
pressure rotation and magnetic fields at:

I believe it's the other way around; the magnetic fields retain
the atmospheres. Thanks for the link.
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Lee Pugh
science forum beginner

Joined: 15 Jun 2005
Posts: 14

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2005 4:31 am    Post subject: Re: Origin of Earth's Magnetic Field Reply with quote

Hey Uncle Al.
I believe you could prove that the spinning liquid metallic (iron) core of
the earth is only implied by WYSIWYG physics as a
cause of the earths magnetic field, if you really applied yourself.
Yes I know it is a logical deductive inference, but so is my claim that only
the earths outside crust need be Magnetized as the earth was cooling,
spinning in a electrically charged space, orienting and orchastrating the
outer electron orbits of the ferrous particals of the crust of the earth,
giving earth the westbound dynamic electrical field which Ampere described
which I call Amperian dynamic electrical field being tangential to the earth
as viewed from above the north pole being clockwise with a definate gradient
of strength in the radial direction of propagation. Can you think of
anything that disallows the one while allowing the other (concept of cause
of the effect of geomagnetism? I am looking for the real Uncle Al here that
I know can cut the Mustard, how about it Al?
Kind regards, Lee Pugh

"Uncle Al" <UncleAl0@hate.spam.net> wrote in message
logan wrote:


The above mentions that "The origin of the Earth's magnetic
field is not completely understood, but is thought to be associated
with electrical currents produced by the
coupling of convective effects and rotation in the
spinning liquid metallic outer core of iron and

Have you watched the movie "The Core" where the spinning
liquid metallic outer core stopped and they had to
send nukes to reset it. Anyway. You know what keeps the
liquid core spinning? What powers it??

Momentum. Idiot.


Ignorance can be educated. Stupidity is forever. Make your choice.

Uncle Al
(Toxic URL! Unsafe for children and most mammals)
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science forum Guru Wannabe

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 8:29 pm    Post subject: Re: Origin of Earth's Magnetic Field Reply with quote

Why do particles have different magnitudes of intrinsic spin (pions
have zero spin)? Also why is the "motion" of electrons probabilistic?
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